Meet our Guest Speakers!

Meet Kate, a math graduate student with a passion for both numbers and flavors. With a strong background in research, Kate has explored the intricate world of graph theory, conquered challenging differential equations, and navigated the abstract landscapes of algebraic topology.

Outside the world of mathematics, Kate is an experienced baker with nearly 5 years of crafting delectable pastries and intricate desserts. Her precision in the kitchen mirrors her mathematical acumen, blending creativity with the exactness required for both fields. Currently, Kate is embarking on a new adventure in math education while getting her Masters degree in Mathematics, driven by her desire to inspire and share her mathematical knowledge with others.

Caroline is a passionate, enthusiastic seasoned executive with experience setting bold strategies and implementing for success in consulting, banking, insurance and at a regulator. Most recently, Caroline was part of the inaugural executive team charged with starting up a new regulatory agency in Ontario supervising over 4,000 pension plans covering over 4.4 million Ontarians.

Caroline has been an actuary for three decades and has worked in Toronto and New York city. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and is part of the Committee charged with re-designing the leadership course offered to newly qualified actuaries. Caroline has three daughters and a beautiful goldendoodle. She's been a yogi for years and loves teaching yoga.